Up-skilling Sustainability in Travel and Tourism: The socio-cultural point of view (USiTaT)


Project partners: Kouvolan seudun ammattiopisto Eduko, Careeria,

The socio-cultural point of view (USiTaT)” is a partnership project in the field of tourism industry, nature and environmental protection and hotel and restaurant services. Tourism evolution at the societal level has changed- consumers awarness about sustainable tourism and they consider these values very important. Tourism industry is an increasing source of income, employment and wealth in many countries. Itsrapid expansion has, however, had detrimental environmental and socio-cultural impacts in many tourims regions.Responsible tourism has become development target both globally and locally. The ecological sustainability of sustainable development has been well identified and taken into account in the tourism sector, but socio-cultural sustainability has received less attention. In socio-cultural perspective you can ask what local communities can contribute to sustainable tourism, and what sustainability can offer these local communities in return? Socio-culturally sustainable tourism includes among others: accessibility including among others physical accessibility, races, colours, sexual identities, equality; cultural pride and undestanding between different cultures for example habits, gastronomy, protection of natural and cultural heritage. Working life has a need for staff able to carry out all the services according to socio-culturally sustainable way and vocational colleges must be able to educate and train competent staff for the companies.

Vocational colleges need to have a frame for study unit with learning materials how to teach and train socio-culturally

sustainable tourism and companies from tourism industary need information and tools for carrying out tourism and

travelling services in socio-culturally sustainable way.
The demand for the project has risen from working life and
participating colleges.